Concert de Noel

19 December 2023

Vocals: Tatyana Trifonova, Piano: Nabil Senhaji, Flute and guitar: Hassan Souissi

The Christmas concert in Tatmin gallery, Rabat this year reunited people from different nationalities. The public became a vivid part of the spectacle dancing and singing their most loved Christmas carols with the singer.

On stage with the singer performed 3 wonderful kids (students of Tatyana), who presented Christmas songs in French, German and Ukrainian.

“L’amour se reveille”

24th of February 2023

Concert in Villa des Arts, Rabat. A program of English and French songs, created to represent the merging of Love and Spring that starts at that time of the year.

The Christmas concert


On 18th of December 2022 she was an artistic director and one of the main leading vocals of “The Christmas concert” that took place in the National Theatre “Mohamed V” in Rabat, Morocco where she shared the stage with musicians and singers from USA, Italy, Cuba, France and of course – Morocco. The concert was the first Christmas event in Morocco that contained only Christmas music, known and loved Christmas tunes from several genres and It became uniting bridge for people from different ages and cultures.

Autumn Jazz Fest - September 2022

9 September 2022 Tatyana Trifonova performed on the big stage of Autumn Jazz Fest Pleven (Bulgaria) with BIG BAND PLEVEN, conducted by Plamen Markov.
She performed on arrangements specially written for her from the composer George Miltiyadoff.

28th of May 2022 was Tatyana Trifonova’s concert for piano, flute and voice called “Beauty is simplicity” based and old classical and jazz tunes.

Beauty is simplicity”


The concert took place in Tatmin gallery, Rabat, Morocco.
Musicians were surrounded by amazing exhibition and the event happened to be a great success leaving no places empty. Audience loved and appreciated the wonderful experience
The singer performed on stage with Nor Eddine Bahha (piano) and Hamza Souissi (flute and guitar)

Christmas spirit is alive”

December 2020

The Covid years were very difficult for everyone and despite the hit on the entertainment and artistic industry musicians were getting together all over the world to create contant and lift up the energy in these challenging times.

In December 2020 in a rehearsal room in Rabat, Morocco Tatyana Trifonova and Nor Eddine Bahha recorded the icon Christmas tune “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”. The tune was filmed and edited with the help of the student at the time Samir Ikhioui and Fondation Ofoq' arts. Everyone evolved worked for free for the love of music and Christmas

Last of the “Homemade (thanks to Covid) series”

Rabat and Barcelona - November 2020

The Covid years were very difficult for everyone and despite the hit on the entertainment and artistic industry musicians were getting together all over the world to create contant and lift up the energy in these challenging times.

During the global Covid-19 crise Tatyana Trifonova has started a series of homemade videos, collaborating with artist from different countries. This is what she says about the last one in her Facebook fan page:

“This is “Insensatez (How insensitive)” homemade (thanks to Covid) with my dear friend Alfredo Reyes – Incredible multi instrumentalist. Cuban based in Barcelona, whom I had the privilege to meet couple of years ago in Morocco and had the honor to perform with.

The song we chose is one of the greatest bossa nova jazz standards, music written by Antonio Jobim 1961. The following year appeared lyrics in both Portuguese and English and the song became viral, being performed by many jazz artists all over the globe.

Music has no limits. It’s love and freedom in the same time. Much regards from Morocco guys”

News talking about the first JAZZIN festival in Tangier Morocco

29.01 - 01.02. 2020


Tatyana Trifonova took part of the new Jazzin Festival in Tangier, Morocco.

The first edition of the festival was lasting for 4 themed days – Ouverture, Flamenco, Jazz and African Rhythms.

The Bulgarian singer prepared a special Jazz program for the Festival with international Big Band formation and was the pearl in the Jazz evening of 31th of January 2020

Live from Rick's Casablanca

Live streams from the Live Jazz Sessions of Rick’s cafe Casablanca from 16th of June 2019, where the talented Tatyana Trifonova is performing again with Nor Eddine Bahha, Ali and Hamza Souissi

"Meetings at midnight" show

Mid may 2019 was recorded a TV show called “Meetings at midnight” ep.19 on the National TV Bulgare, in which Tatyana Trifonova was invited as a Co host. Her guests were the composer Alexander Todorov, the singer Krustina Kokorska and the author Ivo Topalov

Their interesting conversations about music, life and art you can follow in the show at

Tatyana presents her new single on Radio Aswat

On 13th of April, 2019 was the first radio launch of Tatyana Trifonova's new record -

What are you doing the rest of your life

The singer presented her song live on the afternoon show of Azzeddine Azizi

on Radio Aswat – Casablanca, Morocco, together with Mourad Asmar,

Abdelali Elrahaoui and Rim Menniani.